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Auxilo Finserve Private Limited (Auxilo) launched its first branch in Hyderabad and will disburse over INR 75 crore in the next 15 months to students from Hyderabad looking at graduate and postgraduate degrees either from domestic or international universities. During the same period, the company plans to / will disburse over INR 350 crore facilitating students across India to pursue similar courses. The Indian education loan industry disbursed approximately INR

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi is organizing their 9th International Conference on Excellence in School Education from 21st to 23rd December 2017 for more than 1000+ School Chairpersons, Presidents, Directors, Trustees, Principals, Teachers, and Students. The 3-day program is being held at IIT Delhi and will see a participation of delegates from across India, more than 40 domain experts will facilitate knowledge through different formats across 3 days. First time ever

In 2006 Hassan suggested that ’the fundamental standards of humanity are increasingly being ignored’ (Vardy 2006 p.2), suggesting that we live in an increasingly divided world of values between those who ‘see life without essential meaning and purpose and dedicate themselves to material success and those who have a wider set of values which suggest there is more to life than this.’ (p.2). Likewise, In the context of world conflict

Studenting Era has announced a major initiative for child development and behavioral management called CARE to socially contribute to the student community. It was announced at The Park, New Delhi in an inauguration ceremony and conclave that was attended by whos who in the education sector including academicians from schools, colleges, institutions, universities and the government. CARE is an initiative by Studenting Era whose main objective was to build an