EuroSchool Airoli Student Topped the Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad


EuroSchool Airoli student Mr. Shlok Banerjee of grade 4 has secured 1st position in Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad 2019 (TIMO).

TIMO is an annual Mathematical Olympiad competition organised by the Thailand Mathematics Society. As the majority of Mathematical Olympiad competitions are only focusing on 0.1% of the elite students, TIMO provides an opportunity for all students with keen interest in mathematics to participate in Mathematical Olympiad competition.

At EuroSchool, students are encouraged to participate in competitive exams and activities to offer them the exposure to enable them to enhance their learning and skills further. The School provides unique Co-curricular and Experiential programs which focuses on building lateral and critical thinking, creativity, logical reasoning and essential life skills that help in the holistic development of the students. EuroSchool has its eye on the future, and it has set forth to equip students with the right skills for new-age careers.

Sudeshna Chatterjee, Principal EuroSchool Airoli
, said, “Winning in this competition requires good knowledge of mathematics with strong problem-solving abilities. This success was the result of hard work and dedication of students, parents and mentors.”

About EuroSchool:
In 2009, the Company ventured into K-12 education with EuroSchool, a network of 11 K-12 institutions today. The philosophy of ‘Discover Yourself’ further strengthens the belief that encouraging children to discover their true potential and skills is critical to thriving in the 21st-century. The school blends its ‘Balanced Schooling’ pedagogy with the Learn – Reinforce – Practice – Apply methodology. This paves the way for students to excel in academics, while co-curricular activities shape their creative, sporting and musical aspirations. EuroSchool operates on a DIRECT Academic Delivery Model with schools in urban locations across Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Surat.