Technology Disruption in Education is Making Parents Stress-free

Technology Disruption in Education

Education plays a pivotal role in a child’s life and nothing is more important for parents than a child’s holistic development. In this fast-paced and competitive life, parents both mother and father have to work to ensure a better life and education for their children. But to utter dismay, parents are worried despite spending a lot of money on child’s education as they cannot manage time for their children and help them in studies, which in many cases result in poor academics for children.

It has been observed that children of working parents suffer from a lack of proper guidance. Therefore, parents hire private tutors for their children to help with their academics. However, while many children exhibit improvement in their studies, many don’t. One of the reasons could be the lack of efficacy of the tutor.

Not just tuitions but any kind of career guidance – exam preparation tips, getting admission in the college, college shortlisting or anything remotely related to children’s career are major concerns for parents.

The disruption of technology and the rise of edtech startups have sorted these concerns of parents to a great extent and are helping them to stay relaxed and tension-free about their children’s education. While edtech platforms like GuruQ are providing certified online/ offline tutor support, is helping students with overall higher education and career guidance using state-of-the-art technology.

Ms Minal Anand, Founder & CEO of GuruQ said, “Usually ‘technology disruption’ involves an unconventional form of delivery, which in case of education, could either be ‘tuitions at home’ or ‘online tuitions’. In both cases, the consumer greatly benefits due to savings in time and effort. And since all disruptive business models are easily scalable, so there is significant cost benefit too.”

Mr Vivek Jain, Chief Business Officer, said, “Technology is always a boon if it is utilised for the betterment of the society. Until a few years back, parents and students had to go miles to collect and submit forms, to check eligibility and course fees. We remember those times when parents used to speak to their known ones/relatives to enquire about the college, faculties and facilities to make sure that the college is suitable for their children. But with the advancement in technology, things are easier and available at just a click away. Now students using college selection platforms can communicate with current students of the colleges and can access unbiased and authentic information about the institution and their courses. Shiksha has launched Shiksha Assistant powered by machine learning algorithms that have revolutionised the community by helping students with the kind of information other students with similar profiles are searching.”

There are many such edtech platforms that are working towards making learning fun and easy. Technology with it’s magic wand is touching every corner of the society and one of the most benefitted ones is undoubtedly the education system. The adoption of technology in education has penetrated every level, from institutions, home, coaching centres and children of all age, everyone is set to get benefitted. It is certain that a few years down the line, every bit of education sector will be tapped with the latest technological development and will reach masses irrespective of demographic differences.