Shiksha Rolls Out All-in-One Shiksha Mobile App to Make College Information Accessible

Shiksha Mobile App
Information on 18k colleges, 1.45 lakh courses and 400+ exams is now at the fingertips of the students with Shiksha’s entry into the App world with a more improvised and personalized version., a part of Info Edge Limited and one of India’s leading career and college selection website for students has set its foot into the mobile application arena with more customized and tailored information to solve all higher education related doubts. Shiksha which has more than 10 million+ visits every month and has more than 100K+ app downloads have become a preferred choice amongst student fraternity when it comes to any queries regarding higher education and career.

Students most often find it difficult and confusing to explore relevant informationfrom different sources and end up with information overload that may or may not be relevant for them.

Shiksha in these years has identified such key pain areas of the students and has come up with the long-awaited full-fledged Shiksha App to make searching information simpler for students. The app will process students’ interest, scores and recent searches to recommend relevant information. The app will show personalised list of colleges a student can apply for based on student’s education profile, suggest exams that a student can take based on their interest, share updates on latest news and happenings in the education sector and share alerts to students on important exam dates and deadlines. The AI-based Shiksha Assistant is also integrated into the app version toincrease interaction with the student by enabling a conversation.

Mr. Vivek Jain, Chief Business officer, said,“We have observed that due to lack of timely intimation, students often miss exam dates or application deadlines. Even based on the exam scores there can be multiple colleges they can get-in which they might not be aware of. Therefore, being a career and college selection guide for students, we felt the need for an all-in-one application. Taking a leap from the previous Q&A app, this app will help students with personalized recommendation and updates.”

We have created this App to help students overcome the challenges due to the limited availability of information by providing data oriented suggestionstherebyeliminating such knowledge constraints.” added Mr. Jain. Shiksha App enables students to get all information related to higher education on the go. The new improvised Shiksha App is easy to access, saves data consumption and is designed with the aim to provide better user experience, faster and reliable information.