Texila American University Goes the Extra Mile to Make MBBS Possible for Deserving Medical Aspirants From India

Texila American University

The last three months have been really challenging for medical aspirants. Indian students have been going through a mix of anxiety, expectations and pressure to secure an MBBS seat. NEET counseling is almost to an end; however, there are 6+ lakh NEET qualified aspirants who are desperately waiting still.

What options do the remaining aspirants have? Over 15 Lakh students appeared for NEET and in those only around 76,000 are lucky ones to secure an MBBS seat in India. The alternative options consist of appearing for NEET again in 2020, choose an alternative to study, try through the management quota or consider studying overseas.

Reappearing for NEET next year may not be a smart step as the total number of students appearing for the exam keeps increasing and so does the cut-off scores. Going through the management quota is not a wise choice either, as not everyone can afford the amount of donations that the private colleges demands for. The next option of choosing a relative career like pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, etc. would lead to an absolute dissatisfaction for a student whose dream is to become a Doctor.

MBBS abroad – seems to be like a legitimate option? Studying abroad is the new trend and an option for an aspiring doctor to study according to his/her desires and dreams. However, the unaddressed doubts that the parents have and the confusion that is created about negative impacts of overseas education, have refrained a lot of students from benefiting from this opportunity.

For MBBS aspirants, several options are still available and achievable. However, selecting the right institute in the right country is tremendously crucial. Texila American University in Guyana, South America has open doors to welcome MBBS aspirants and offers lucrative scholarships to them. Texila American University in association with Niran Prabha Foundation offers a remarkable opportunity to all Indian medical contenders to earn the ‘Dr.’ tag to their names. This is an incredible opportunity for the students who were not able to secure a medical seat in a government or a private institution.

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“The scholarship lets the students complete their 5-year study period in the country of Guyana, South America at a total cost of approximately 30 lakh Indian rupees. As a total study cost, it is almost the same as the fees for government medical colleges in most Indian states,” says Saju Bhaskar, Founder and President of Texila American University.

About Texila American University (TAU): Texila America University has been in the field of medicine for almost a decade. It aims to provide leadership in medical education and innovation through world-class teaching, training and state-of-the-art infrastructure. With presence in 6 countries and 28 Global Accreditations, TAU offers more than 48 educational programs, serving students from 70+ countries along with 700+ PhD students. At TAU, education and research are inextricably intertwined to prepare and empower our students to become globally successful physicians.