SILICA Institute Promotes Design Career Interest

SILICA Institute

• SILICA Institute organized Design Quest to promote awareness about education and career opportunities in design. It was a special opportunity for students interested in Design, Fashion, Architecture or Art education and careers
• The event included a Guidance Seminar followed by a Design Aptitude Test for the students. The Guidance seminar answered all queries related to studying designing in India and abroad. The Aptitude Test checked the students Aptitude and Interest for a career in design

SILICA Institute recently held Design Quest event for students interested in Design, Fashion, Architecture and Art. The first event was on Saturday, 17th August 2019 in Mumbai. The other one was on next Sunday, 25th August in Pune.  

Most parents and students still think of a potential career in the fields of Medical, Engineering, Management, or Government Job only. Traditionally, these fields have been viewed as risk free and familiar avenues for successful careers. However, of late, these fields have reached a state of employment saturation, making it difficult for candidates to get a decent job or make a career. Many students pursue these common fields due to peer or parental pressure. There is no particular assessment of whether they have an aptitude or interest in the chosen fields. This results in mediocre success in their career.

However, in recent times, many parents are open to choose careers where their child has an aptitude (natural ability), interest and which provides opportunities for success. Design is one such field. The design industry in India is growing at a staggering rate of 25% annually. As more people make more customized choices, the importance of design in products, communications, spaces etc. has increased manifold. Therefore, the demand for qualified designers is enormous.

Economic Times reports that India generates only 5,000 designers per year, compared to China(3,00,000) and even South Korea (25,000). The demand for design professionals far exceeds the supply in India. Times of India reports that fresh designers get paid 50% higher salaries than fresh engineers. Fresh designers can earn anywhere between 8-10 lacs p.a.

There are 45+ career options in design e.g. fashion design, animation, industrial design, interior decoration, architecture, graphic design, film production, theater stage designing, advertisements, web design, applied and fine arts etc. World Economic Forum report suggests that creativity and innovation are in the top 3 skills required for professionals 2020 onwards. The future is definitely promising with both private and public sectors recognizing the requirement of fresh and creative ideas. Noteworthy efforts in this direction by the Government include the ‘Make in India’ and ‘Design in India’ initiatives.

All top Design Schools in India conduct an entrance exam for admission to their programs at bachelors and masters level e.g. NID, NIFT, IITs, MIT-ID, UID, Srishti, Pearl Academy, ISDI, WWI etc. Those interested in obtaining the B.Arch and BFA degrees have to apply for admissions in places like SPA, Rachana Sansad, CEPT, J.J. School, and BNCA, etc. The B.Arch entrance tests include NATA and JEE Paper 2. Students ought to appear at the MAH-AAC-CET for BFA admission.

SILICA is premier institute that provides guidance and coaching to prepare for all design entrance exams like NID, NIFT, NATA, JEE, Art CET etc. SILICA also conducts a Design Aptitude Test on students to check if they have the right aptitude and interest for a Career in Design. At Design Quest, participants appeared for the 10 minutes creativity quotient test and the 110 minutes design aptitude test. A comprehensive 60-minute session for career guidance followed up to clarify doubts and show a clear direction.

About SILICA Institute:– SILICA is premier institute that provides guidance and coaching to prepare for all design entrance exams like NID, NIFT, NATA, JEE, Art CET etc.