STEM Learning Won Smart Education Initiative Award

STEM Learning Won Smart Education Initiative Award

STEM Learning, an social enterprise was awarded CMO Asia award under the smart Education Initiative category for the year 2019 for the work in promoting STEM education at the government schools and ensuring quality science and mathematics education to underprivileged students.

Installing mini-science centre in the remotest and rural areas, STEM learning has made science and mathematics education more interactive and fun for students. Also, the organisation has done incredible work in transforming the pedagogy system of teaching by introducing innovative programmes. 

On receiving the award, Mr. Ashutosh Pandit said, “We are happy to receive this award. This recognition gives us a boost to put more hard work and provide quality education to every student at every pocket of rural states.”

With this vision in mind, he founded STEM learning in 2009. He had a noble intention and strong belief in developing scientific temperament in students by replacing contextual education with hands-on learning. Till now, we have set-up miniscience centres in 1700+ schools, mostly in rural area. More than 10 Lac students are benefitted by our programme Mini Science Centres .

About STEM Learning:- The basic objective of STEM Learning is to inculcate basic concepts of Science,Technology, Engineering, Mathematics at school level. We at STEM Learning believe that education is a force multiplier which enables self-reliance and boosts the economic growth of the country by enhancing skills of the young population. Since, the drop-out rates in senior secondary school is high than the primary school, STEM Learning is trying to improve education system through the introduction and installation of mini science centers in school through India. 

Key Progammes:-

  • Mini Science Centre: To teach and learn the fundamental science and mathematics theories in a fun, interactive and effective way
  • Tinkering Lab: To develop inquisitiveness and creativeness in students to innovate something, out of box.
  • Just Learning: A digital platform which enables students and teachers to showcase their talents as well as to learn

We have a wide presence in 22 states and successfully implemented 1700+ mini science centers (mostly in rural India) that have brought quality education to the doorstep of school children. A Mini science Center includes 75 working models/exhibits that explained the principles of science along with 33 informational colorful backdrops, teachers manual & user manuals.

Our exhibits are approved by six SCERTs: Chhattisgarh, Goa, Jammu and Kashmir, Odisha, Nagaland, and Maharashtra and also, mapped with CBSE and SSC Boards. With the help of miniscience centre , the teaching and learning of science and mathematics theories in school has become more interactive and enriching for the students.

Moreover, STEM Learning has received FKCCI- Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry CSR Awards 2018 – ‘Best CSR Project in Social Sector Education’.