IIT Faculty Join Hands to Give Students Top Ranks at Giraffe Learning

Giraffe Learning

Under leadership of Thomas Abraham, a team of IIT and IIM alumni have joined hands to provide students top notch hands-on coaching in Bangalore. Inspired by the Giraffe, whose long neck ensures that it stands above the cloud and reaches higher, Giraffe Learning has been Bangalore’s premiere institution providing coaching for I PUC , II PUC , CET , NEET , JEE , NATA.

Its distinction has been its ability to predict over 95% of the questions in boards, CET and JEE every year – which is perhaps why it’s now the only designated institution offering coaching to Bangalore’s best colleges like Mount Carmel College, St.Joseph’s College, Jyothi Nivas College and St. Francis.

With effective teaching techniques and methodology, Giraffe students have achieved remarkable results year after year including top ranks in CET, Medical and Engineering, besides top ranks in NATA. Its board of advisors include authors of text books as well as question paper setters from past years.

The most important qualities imparted through Giraffe’s academic approach are the abilities to think independently and holistically. They promote the idea of innovation and to learn through creative exploration and experimentation as they believe that learning has the power to change the world.

Giraffe Learning has traditionally provided exceptional depth of educational experience, including interactive learning; a focus on creative problem solving, and opportunities for experimentation and research. To broaden the curricular experience, the approach is to integrate all the learning to enhance practical thinking in students. The overall structure of Giraffe’s program is a combination of theory, skills, tips and methodologies to crack any kind of tough examination.

Admissions are now open at all their in-house and retail centres which number over 20 in Bangalore ranging from Indiranagar to Vijanagar, HRBR to Jayanagar.