Valedictory Ceremony of Contractors Development Programme for SC/ST Engineers held at Hyderabad


The Valedictory Ceremony of Contractors Development Programme for SC/ST Engineers held here in city at National Academy of Construction at Madhapur.  K. Pradeep Chandra, Former Chief Secretary, Govt of Telangana was the chief guest and graced the function.

K. Joshi, Special Chief Secretary to Govt. Of Telangana, Department of Irrigation; Padmashri Er. Milind Kamble, Founder Chairman, DICCI; K. Bikshapathi, Director General,National Academy of Construction; Padmashri Ravi Kumar Narra, President, DICCI, South India and Sri Ch. Rahul Kiran, President of DICCI Telangana Chapter graced the valedictory function.

The Contractors Development Program was initiated on 14th April 2017 to coincide with the birth anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar by Shri K. Taraka Rama Rao.  The training program concluded successfully in July 2017. To commemorate this historical event, a valedictory ceremony was organised in the city at NAC Auditorium, Madhapur today.

Speaking on the occasion, K. Pradeep Chandra said the Architect of Indian Constitution B.R. Ambedkar wrote a letter to Govt of India in which he mentioned that there was one SC/ST contractor out of 1400 contractors in the country. The letter was written several decades ago. But, things have not changed.  It was because of this a Contractor Development Program for SC/ST Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers was devised he said.

You need to collaborate and cooperate with the government for the works, he told the budding Class V SC/ST Contractors who passed out of 82 days training program.  73 Engineers successfully completed the training program conducted by NAC (National Academy of Construction).

Addressing the gathering, Milind Kamble, Founder Chairman, DICCI said, there were only career paths for SC/ST youth in the past. And they were appearing for Civil Services or enter into Politics.  Now the 3rd path is created and that is entrepreneurship, he said.  Now by becoming contractors, from Job seekers, you are becoming job givers, he told the 73 students who passed out the Contractor Development Program.  This we are able to achieve in the 12 years span of setting up DICCI, he told them.

Speaking further he added that 25 per cent 120crore population of India is SC/ST. That means the population of SC/ST in India is 30crore. In that the youth who are in the age group of 18 to 35 years are 65%. That accounts to 19 crore of SC/ST youth population is there in the country.  DICCI ‘s aim is to address the aspirations of these youth.  Our sole aim is to develop business leaders.

Adding further Milind Kamble said MSME(Micro, Small, Medium Entrepreneurs) Sector is fast growing There are nearly 6crore MSMEs in India.  They are the growth engines of the nation.  Big companies automating their work, which is resulting in loss of jobs.  MSME is creating more jobs.  India has 250 Public Sector Undertakings.  These PSUs must reserve 20 per cent of their procurements to MSME sector. Out of this 4 per cent must procure from SC/STs.  The biggest breakthrough we have got is assured market for SC/ST entrepreneurs.  While the MSME procurements potential is Rs 6 lakh core, the SC/ST’s can get their share of Rs 24000crore. This is the market we have created for you, he told the young contractors.

The Contractors Development Program is the joint effort of Dept. of Industries & Commerce, Govt. of Telangana; Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Telangana Chapter and National Academy of Construction, Hyderabad Contractors Development Program for SC and STs is the dream project of our Chief Minister Shri K. Chandra Sekhar Rao. He desires to develop SC/ST engineers into Class V contractors by providing appropriate training in National Academy of  Construction and gradually mentor them to become Class I contractors. The government was further ordered that the certificate issued by the NAC should be treated by the various Government works Departments as fulfilling the education and experience qualification requirement for at least Class V contractors.

In this connection, Government of Telangana has issued an order G.O.Ms.No.29 dated 26-05-2017 stating to earmark

  1. At least 15% of works to be earmarked to the individuals belonging to SC/ST/Waddera /Sagara contractors costing up to Rs 20.00 Lakhs and SC/ST/Waddera/Sagara labor cooperative societies up to Rs 50.00 Lakhs on online e-Procurement and all other methods of procurement.
  2. Societies belonging to SC/ST/Waddera/Sagara are exempted from payment of EMD to works costing up to Rs 50 Lakhs.
  3. Individuals belonging to SCs/STs/Waddera/Sagara be exempted from payment of EMD to works costing up to Rs 20 lakhs.
  4. No job experience and Solvency Certificate need to be insisted for registration of Contractors as Class-V eligible to take up works up to Rs 50 lakhs as per GO Ms.No.66, I &CAD (Reforms)Department, dt: 20-04-2015.
  5. However, in order to provide level playing field to all, EMD will be recovered from running bills after an expenditure of 25% of the concerned works. This will also inculcate the responsibility for completion of the works.

DICCI in collaboration with National Academy of Construction and under the sponsorship of Government of Telangana Industries Department has conducted the Contractors Development Programme for 80 SC/STs engineering graduates belonging to Civil/Electrical/Mechanical streams. The fully residential course was given for the duration of 82 working days.

Communication skills, Soft skills, Leadership skills, Goal setting, team building, etc. included (one-hour session per day). Inspirational / Motivational talks are arranged by successful contractors from both general and SC/ST Communities/ 2days in a week/(1 hour each) and a session for  Personality Development training comprising of 3days in a week. Yoga classes were also held in morning hours. Meditation classes were conducted by Bramha Kumari twice in a week.

The 82-day training was conducted in over five modules.  The first module which lasted for 26 days covered information and awareness about the the trades related to Civil Engineering which include: Masonry, Barbending, Plumbing and Sanitation, Land Surveying, Sanitation, Flood damage works, maintenance of weirs, sluice, maintenance of distributors, regulators, canals etc, Works related to “Mission Kakatiya” like desolation of tanks, Laying, testing, commissioning of HDPE pipelines in municipalities, maintenance of Roads, Water Supply Pipelines, Construction Project Planning & Management and Infrastructure management.

Module two comprised of basically field exposure on ongoing works, Government, and Private Projects.  It lasted for a fortnight. Module three lasted for 18 days. It dealt with Contractors Registration Process. Awareness was created for bidding procedure, tendering preparation, bidding procedure, Finance, Accounting, Quality Control, Bills Preparation, Quantity Surveying, etc.

Various laws about the work such as Labour, Mining, Police, and Revenue laws were also taught.

The trainees spent another 15 days on field training and observing ongoing works, within the state, districts, works in Mandal and Gram Panchayat level.  They were also familiarised with administrative processes in this fourth module.

In the final module, they were taught entrepreneurship, imparted skills required for the same.  The trainees were also familiarised in dealing with banks, making estimations, cost analysis and practicing on e-procurement, etc. for about two days.

All in all the training session was powered with information and practical exposure.