3rd edition of TEDx Hyderabad is all set to be held in September 2017


Postcard Power. No email, no SMS, no social media, Pradeep Lokhande, contacts 58 lakh rural Indians just through postcards, will be one among the 12 others, including five home-grown inspiring speakers hand-picked to speak at the most awaited TEDxHyderabad to be held in the city in September

TEDxHyderabad is not merely an event; we will develop the culture of Ideas worth Spreading through TEDx in the city said Viiveck Verma, Co-organizer

With all the communication options, today – email, SMS, social media, mass media advertising – many people assume that a simple postcard is not as effective, but in reality, it is still the most cost-effective way.  Pradeep Lokhande made use of it as a powerful tool to connect rural India, which no one has tried before. He did that to carry out activities of his NGO, Rural Relations.  It is incredible indeed. You can meet this everyday hero of Rural Relations, Pradeep Lokhande and listen to him speaking live in our city. He is a Pune based social entrepreneur who has contacted 58 lakh people in rural India and will be one among several other speakers to speak at the most awaited TEDxHyderabad to be held in the city in September

One of India’s fastest growing and flagship TEDx events, TEDxHyderabad is all set to go live on September 24.  The theme of the third edition of the event is “DO”

TEDxHyderabad, this year will showcase 13 speakers and 2500 attendees.  Five of these twelve speakers will be local Hyderabadi’s.

Some of the speakers include transgender champion Gauri Sawant, social entrepreneurs Anshu Gupta and Pradeep Lokhande, activist and co-founder of anti-trafficking organization `Prajwala’ Sunitha Krishnan, photojournalist GMB Akash, hope creator ElcaGrobler;  former Indian Army officer Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah; Mukesh Aghi, Global Strategizer; Kalpana Saroj, Disruptive Millionaire; Anu Acharya, Genome Guru

Pradeep Lokhande, made use of the cheapest communication mode, “Post Card” available in India.  Over the many years, he proved it as a powerful tool to connect the rural India. This Pune based social entrepreneur communicates with 58 lakh people. He proudly claims that he received 9 lakh post cards from school children.


37 years old transgender social activist, Gauri Sawant‘s journey from being an outcast to motherhood is truly inspirational. Against all the odds, Gauri is raising orphaned Gayatri as her own.  She formed an NGO, ‘Sakhi Char Chowghi.’

Anshu Gupta, a social entrepreneur who founded Goonj, a Delhi-based non-governmental organisation that positions the under-utilized urban material as a development resource for the rural parts of India is another speaker lined up for the event. His venture “Goonj” was chosen by NASA and the US state department as a “Game Changing Innovation.”

A P Hota, Managing Director of National Payments Corporation of India (NCBI), has been identified as one of the 12 speakers.  A Digital revolutionist, Hota played a key role in the implementation of MICR technology in Cheque Clearing, Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House and Cheque Truncation System in India.

One of the Hyderabadi speakers, Sunitha Krishnan, co-founder of Prajwala, a non-governmental body that rescues, rehabilitates and reintegrates sex-trafficked victims into society is chosen to address.

Every human face has a story, and I capture it says GMB Akash, an award-winning Photo Journalist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Akash, who considered as the Bangladesh’s best-known photojournalist will tell his story, photo journalism, street photography, the art of seeing the unseen and will touch on many interesting aspects of it.

ElcaGrobler, Founder of My Choices Foundation, is another local speaker who will share her unique story. An Australian, who made Hyderabad her city and when you ask Elca how long she is here, “indefinitely,” comes the reply.

TEDx themes are well researched. The themes should be realistic and must maintain arguments that can be defended by well-founded evidence. No commercial, political or religious agendas, or polarizing” topics are allowed.

The TEDx stages are different; they are unique. Each event has a different stage. High production values of the stage are the hallmarks of the TEDx events.  They designed so well that they go well with the theme of the event. Special care is taken in designing the stage, curating it.

TEDxHyderabad is not about organizing yet another TEDx event. We have been trying to build a community of Thinkers, Enablers, and Doers within Hyderabad informed Dr. Anthony Vipin Das, Organizer and Viiveck Verma, Co-organizer of the event.

According to Viiveck, TEDxHyderabad always looks for stories and ideas worth spreading. TEDx event matters the most to many.  Through TED or TEDx talks, the audience is exposed to speakers who are doing cutting edge work across numerous causes.

TED or TEDx events have a significant impact on millions of lives–especially over the past several years ever since it’s talks posted online for free viewing. TED organizers said they have received thousands of letters and emails from people telling them how one or more TED talks have impacted their lives for the better.